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Keep Your Cool

The experts at Crystal Coast Heating & Air will help you keep your cool with a professionally installed air conditioning system. We offer systems from American Standard, Daikin, and Mitsubishi Electric so that your options are all high-quality products. Our technicians and installers have obtained the highest levels of accreditations so that you are eligible for the best warranties.

Home Cooling Systems - Morehead City, NC

Ductless Systems

Daikin is a global innovator and provider of advanced air conditioning solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. For almost 90 years, Daikin has created the most efficient, environmentally friendly comfort systems enabled by extensive research. With sales in 90 countries worldwide, Daikin is revolutionizing the way people and businesses think about heating and air conditioning. As 3D Dealers, we offer the best warranty in the business.

Mitsubishi Electric also provides ductless systems for 40% more efficiency than traditional systems. They have enhanced customers’ lives with heating and cooling systems since 1980. We are Diamond Contractors with the highest level of accreditation. Check out the excellent Mitsubishi warranty.


Choose Your Zones

Single zone systems are best-suited for providing comfort for single rooms, additions, and supplemental comfort for problem areas. You can also control the comfort level of each room independently.

Multizone systems are best suited for small- to mid-sized homes, with comfort needs for two to eight zones. Control the comfort level of each room independently.

Whole house systems are ideal for homeowners who seek the ultimate in energy efficiency, with systems capable of handling up to 3500 square feet. You can control the comfort levels independently of up to eight rooms per system. Multiple systems can be used to serve larger homes.

Conventional Ducted Systems

American Standard and Tempstar are household names for high-quality heating and cooling products. Contact us for an estimate and we will make recommendations based on your home and needs.

Why Use Ducted?

A ducted system is  an easy choice for existing homes with ductwork already installed. It’s a quicker, less expensive option for air conditioning. Ducted systems are also better for controlling humidity and providing more air circulation. Aesthetically, there are no air handler boxes on the walls or ceilings; the entire system is within the walls and crawl spaces.

Is It Time to Upgrade?

If your A/C unit is more than 10 years old, consider exploring your options for a new, high-efficiency system!

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We care

Crystal Coast Heating & Air offers a 10% discount for senior citizens and non-profit organizations.


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